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Dr. Turner is absolutely wonderful. I came to her as an adult with a tongue tie, and lots of pain causing symptoms because of it (some of which included, chronic migraines, extreme muscle tightness in head, temples, neck, shoulders and jaw, difficultly swallowing, etc.) Her entire office is very kind and welcoming, you immediately feel comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She listened well and answered all of my questions. I was a nervous wreck about the procedure and her and her assistant made me feel so calm and relaxed. It was so easy, quick and life changing. She checked in while recovering, and answered all of my recovery questions.

I haven’t had a migraine since and so much of my daily physically body pains are totally gone. I would recommend her practice to anyone. I wouldn’t see anyone else for this procedure!


We brought our 12 month old to Liz after we saw the very beginnings of decay (thin brown lines at the tops of his front teeth). Our previous dentist didn’t seem to be at all concerned with it, but I needed a second opinion and I’m SO SO SO GLAD I FOUND Liz!! She explained very clearly with all the detail as to why she thought we should consider a lip and tongue tie release for our baby. She had solid reason to believe he was a good candidate for the treatment and then basically summed it up with the following hope: “Likely his dental, sleeping, eating and breathing will improve immediately.”

We delayed to see if anything got any better, but we decided at 18 months to finally do the lip and tongue tie laser treatment. After 18 months of sleeping terribly, eating very little, slow weight gain, co-sleeping and breastfeeding all night long… I rarely had more than 2 hours of sleep in a row for the entirety of his life. The poor kid was hungry, tired and his teeth were slowly showing more decay no matter how much we brushed / took care of them.

Literally 3 days after his lip/tongue tie release, he started eating SO.MUCH.MORE. He would lick his lips and shout, “YUMMY!” It was amazing. His daycare teacher also noticed a significant difference and asked me what we were doing differently. Soon after that- as in 2 weeks later, he started sleeping through the night - like 8-10 hours with not a single wake. I have never seen anything like this!

We originally did this for his teeth, but the the rest of the things - sleeping, eating and weight gain, is all starting to fall into place and making a difference in our lives - all for the better! He has moved up an entire percentage point on the pediatrics percentile chart, is sleeping like a champ still, is eating better than ever - I didn’t know what to think when she suggested a lip tie release would resolve so many issues - it was a short procedure - like 30 seconds- and the health of our baby, his dental health, general health, sleeping, nutrition — has ALL been impacted so positively by Liz and her expertise and passion in the area of dentistry, lip and tongue tie resolution, and holistic approaches! Just amazing. Thank you, Liz!


Dr. Turner and the Fox Point Dental staff were absolutely amazing. I can’t even express how grateful my family is for them. We went to Dr. Turner for an infant tongue/buccal release due to feeding issues diagnosed by our IBCLC and she far exceeded our expectations. She was thorough in her evaluation, so gentle with our 2 month old baby, and explained the procedure in great detail before taking him back. She made sure we were 100% comfortable in every step of the process and took her time, patiently answering all of our questions. The releases immediately turned our feeding experience around. Our son is now able to breastfeed effectively and we’ve noticed improvement in every oral function. To say he’s done a 180 is an understatement. We are forever grateful for Dr. Turner and her team and I could not recommend them enough.


“Dr. Liz is so kind, amazing, and knowledgeable! She came highly recommended to us by a professional Orofacial Myologist in Denver. We came to her specifically for tongue-tie procedures-she fixed our tongues and helped us so much more beyond that! She gave us recommendations for equipment to use to strengthen our jaws and correct the shape of our mouths (without orthodontics!). We actually live out of state and saw her while on vacation in Colorado. She helped us find professionals in our area who could help us here yet also made sure we knew that she was always available to help us too.

I was a tired mom, traveling with 4 kids, and searching for someone to help. Dr. Liz blew my expectations out of the water. She was so helpful! We had previously asked several dentists, a pediatrician and an ENT about possible tongue ties and none of them were specialized enough to recognize the issues we were having and to help us with further treatment. Dr. Liz was the help we needed.

We’ve been having some very serious and scary aggression issues with one of our kids and we think a lot of it goes back to the shape of his mouth and mouth breathing at night. Dr. Liz is helping us figure that out and even wrote referrals so that we can get into a sleep study for two of our kids.

This is the way dentistry I think should be practiced. She’s looking at the whole person and helping us make our lives better by improving our mouths. Dr. Liz offers so much more than just typical dentistry! Now that I know what Whole Person Dentistry can look like, I feel so encouraged and inspired. She helped me, and our family, so much. I am really grateful to her.

And she is AWESOME with kids. I have four kids (ages 9, 6, 5, and 2) and she was incredible and patient with all of them. She made me feel like a good mom and seemed like she genuinely enjoyed our kids. She gave me her cell phone number and has helped me along the way. She even answered my questions over text when our five-year-old knocked out his front tooth. She is seriously a mom’s dream of a dentist! Thank you Dr. Liz for the amazing work you’re doing and the way you’re continuing to help us!”


"Attention Mama Bears! This is Dr. Liz Turner and Dr. Lindsay Williams: Two of the most brilliant dentists I know. Not pictured, but the dentist who assessed Jagger's tongue for his frenectomy with Dr. Turner, is Dr. Michelle Rowe - our family dentist and also an airway specialized provider.

Do not let your physician or pediatrician be the one to direct you if your child needs their tongue or lip ties released. A pediatrician is NOT a 'doctor of the mouth and jaw'.

In my last appointment with Jagger, I was told his tongue looked fine without even a finger under the tongue to check. Jagger ended up needing a lingual tongue tie and lip tie released in order to guide his tongue to the proper place in his palette. That way, he could swallow properly and get suction onto is bottle without having that little blister on his lip, which we are told is normal (it is not normal)! 

Proper swallowing and tongue posture is the key to our child's health foundation. It specifically sets the tone for the future of their jaw's development. It also may actually prevent sleep-disordered breathing and many other symptoms... like your kiddo struggling in school behaviorally, educationally, or possibly even needing a mouth full of braces. Proper assessment of the tongue is done by a qualified dentist or oral myofunction therapist. I'm so grateful I had these girls in my court from the beginning.

The lesson here is, even if you child is older, it isn't too late to check and see if we can get them back on track and growing to their full potential.

Thanks Dr. Liz for an amazing experience. Jagger is doing great."


“I took my 11 week old daughter to her office today for a tongue, lip, and cheek tie revision. I was told Dr. Turner is extremely talented and gentle, and is also a mom who’s had her kids revised so she has an extra dose of empathy.

The consultation took place in the cutest most inviting little office. She took a look at my baby’s mouth and was very gentle with the exam. She presented her findings in a very clear way I could understand, and wasn’t pushy or forcing me to decide whether or not to revise. I trusted her immediately and decided to go forward with the revision today.

Once we decided, she had me sign some consent forms, and then demonstrated and had me try the after-care stretches on my daughter. She let me decide if I wanted to be present for the procedure, and I decided I’d be able to support my baby better if I wasn’t all shaken up from the trauma of witnessing the lasering.

They took her back and the whole thing took less than 5 minutes. I could hear her screaming bloody murder, and that was hard. When it was over, they handed her back to me and I was able to nurse her right away. She didn’t cry any longer than she ever does for shots, and there was no blood. She fell asleep while nursing, and slept the whole way home. So far so good!”


“I’ve only taken my baby for one appointment so far but everyone was fantastic! Friendly staff and Dr. Turner was helpful & informative. I drove all the way from Aurora to see Dr. Turner because of her airway expertise and some concerns I have about my baby’s sleep. My baby was smiling and laughing the whole time, and clearly felt comfortable!”


"My 5 year old son and I had our first visits today with Dr Turner. She was absolutely amazing with my son and had him giggling the whole time he was getting checked out. Then she spent a ton of time with me explaining our options for his teeth grinding. I am truly amazed at how thorough she was and I can’t wait for our next visit to keep working through this issue.

She also spent a bunch of time with me helping me understand how I can get better sleep and stop my own teeth grinding.

I will be sending my parents here to meet with her as well because they share the same grinding issues as my son and I. If that doesn’t tell you how great of an experience we had then nothing can!”


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